This week, Birmingham is playing host to the Prime Minister and his Conservative Party for their Annual Conference. Taking place at the ICC, the conference is expected to host over 13,000 delegates along with 1,600 national and international media bodies, all helping to put the UK’s second city on the map.

Conferences of this scale are thought to bring many positive impacts to our city, such as increased employability from the surge in demand for hospitality and leisure facilities in Birmingham. CEO of Marketing Birmingham, Neil Rami, has said that the Conservatives’ return to the city (for the third year running!) is a ‘clear endorsement of their confidence in the city’s ability to deliver first-class events’.

Major events for the city, such as this political conference, play a key role in bringing influential visitors and media to the city, hopefully resulting in the building of international relationships and business networking for the region. Mr Rami also stated: ‘the Conservative Conference is yet another opportunity for the city to get in the limelight, boost its reputation and show its 13,500 guests – and a vast media presence – what it has to offer.’

Last year Birmingham’s visitor numbers reached a high of 33.5 million, helping boost the value of its visitor economy to £4.9 billion, and it is hoped that this figure is to increase again this year by utilising all areas of the ICC and many areas of our local economy in the form of hotel, leisure and hospitality spend. In addition to the main conference, which will close with a speech from the Prime Minister, there will also be over 500 fringe events taking place which will see staff delivering 12 months worth of events in four days.

Despite all of these positive offerings, we must also consider the inevitable political protests that such a large conference will bring with it, for example activists dressed as the Grim Reaper stormed Labour’s Manchester Conference last week to protest against the illegal blacklisting of construction workers. In Birmingham we already have rowdy and raucous political protesters gathering on the streets outside the ICC; increasing security risks, road closures and traffic in the city.

Also, protesters have taken to Twitter in force using the tag #cpc12 in a political free-for-all which surrounds the city’s name with mixed political opinions. This potential negative association to the city poses the question of how these images of unruly crowds, traffic and dispute, can reflect on Birmingham’s tourism industry.

Nick Morgan, our CEO said: ‘This national political conference helps keep the city’s profile high both nationally and internationally. Time after time Birmingham has demonstrated its ability to orchestrate major events, therefore attracting other leading organisations to hold their events here. The event is expected to generate over £16.5million which can only be of benefit to the local economy in the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors.

‘Like any other political events of this size, protests are unavoidable. It is how our city reacts and successfully manages the riots that will be publicised, and this should again promote Birmingham’s ability to effectively host national events.’

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San Carlo restaurants, a multi award winning Italian restaurant group and long standing client of Big Cat, has announced an increase in turnover of 36.8% to more than £27 million. This success has helped grow the company even further, leading to the latest addition, Fumo in Birmingham. This cicchetti style bar/restaurant has ignited its presence firmly in the Colmore business district in central Birmingham, and we can speak from experience, it is incredible!

So what is this success down to? When asked about this accomplishment, Carlo Distefano (Chairman) commented on the continued development of the San Carlo brand, which increased the operations in all the restaurants. He went on to say “We expect to continually develop the San Carlo brand into 2012 and further increase the operations at all restaurants throughout England”. Big Cat are proud to be working with such a successful client. For 6 years we have played a large role in their marketing campaigns and helped to develop the San Carlo brand. Many congratulations to the Italian Restaurant empire and we are sure of more triumphs to come!

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I first saw this concept in Singapore. Well done Bullring  for this innovative use of empty shop units.

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With Wimbledon in full swing and the Grand Final just around the corner, there’s been a surge of people taking up their rackets in Birmingham as The Mailbox teamed up with the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) and installed an open-air tennis court in the Ground Floor of the complex.

Big Cat Events were first to serve on the court as they managed the logistics and build of the court in celebration of The Mailbox’s partnership with AEGON Classic Tennis Tournament.


Running from 2nd June – 8th July, tennis amateurs and professionals alike can book 50 minute tournaments by visiting The Mailbox’s website.

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So yesterday was a big day for the Big Cat PR team, with The Voyage setting sail from Birmingham. The team really were all hands on deck as Channel 4 News, National ITV, Sky News, Central News, Midlands Today and BBC WM were all reporting from the HMS Olympia.

Feedback has been fantastic for the project and we’re particualry proud of this little piece with Channel 4′s Culture Editor, Matthew Cain.

To give you a sneak peek behind the scenes, make sure you check out the image gallery below.

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