We take a closer look at what it’s like to spend 24 hours in the life of Big Cat’s Junior Designer, Lizzie Owen.

Lizzie Owen, fight like a  girl lettering

6.30 – 8.30 – These two hours are a bit of a blur as I slowly wake myself up to reality. I spend around 20 minutes drawing (usually for my 100 day project https://www.instagram.com/lizjowen/) on my commute to work, just to get myself into gear. I find this really relaxing and the day always seems a bit better once I’ve done some sketching.

8.35 – Flick through my emails and have a look at the morning’s intel. I love reading Creative Bloq, Design Week & Fast Company… Twitter is also creatively entertaining so I have a peek at that too. I jot down a to-do list and check on Asana what needs working on (an online tool that my colleagues and I use to keep track of client briefs), prioritising those with tighter deadlines.

8.59 – Time to get cracking on some “real work!” I start working down my to-do list, but I keep a close-eye on my emails just in case a client contacts me with any urgent amends or with a new brief that may need to take precedence.

10.00 – Snack time where I usually devour a packet of mini cheddars, a banana and a chocolate bar. Resume working with renewed energy.

10.30 – Meeting with my director and the printer to discuss paper finishes, perspex blocks and metallic inks for a brief I’m currently working on. It’s so good to see the samples in real life – it’s exciting when considering good quality finishes and how much it boosts a design.

11.00 – I email the client with what I’ve learnt from the printer and suggestions for the ideal paper stock, and then it’s back to designing.

13.00 – Woohoo, lunch time! My lunch time varies depending on how busy I am but I generally aim to have a breather around this time. Food really does fuel the brain!

14.00 – Have a quick look through the work I’ve done so far and then carry on working. I regularly have to pester my design director on any artwork that has to be sent off to clients or publications as his schedule is often hectic.

15.00 – By this time everything that needs to be sent off is delivered, so I start working on my other projects and tick them off as I go along. I usually try to do this all before lunch-time but sometimes it gets pretty busy around here and I’m often juggling quite a few things at once.

17.00 – Today’s my lucky day as I am finished on time, so I head home and catch up on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram during my commute home.

18.30 – Kick off my shoes & slip into some pyjamas, and spend the rest of the night in front of the TV with my fiancé, forcing him to watch Sailor Moon.

20.00 – Finish off on any sketches/artwork, snap it, and upload it onto Instagram.

21.00 – Crawl back to the sofa just in time for Game of Thrones.

22.00 – Rant on Facebook about how amazing/terrible Game of Thrones was before heading to bed.

Watch this space to find out which member of the Big Cat pride will be in the spotlight next month.

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