We took a closer look at what it’s like to spend 24 hours in the shoes of Big Cat’s Marketing Director Hannah Davies.

Hannah Davies

6.00 am – My alarm goes off and just like any other non-morning person, I hit snooze for another 45 minutes before dragging myself out of my warm cocoon.

7.20 am – Half an hour later and I’m ready to start the day. I live in Stratford, so it’s not a bad train commute, but as soon as I’m in my seat I pop open my laptop to check in on my morning reads; The Digital Buzz Blog, Marketing week and of course, the BBC.

8.20 am – Into the office and the kettle is on straight away. I sit down with a bowlful of ‘cardboard’ bran flakes (as our MD calls them) and a warm cuppa’.

8.30 am – Before the rest of my team arrive, I sort through any emails and preparation ready for the day ahead.



9.15 am – I hold a marketing huddle with the team to run through everyone’s list of projects for the day and delegate work load accordingly.

9.45 am – It’s straight into the boardroom for pitch practice with the rest of the senior team. We run through the deck a couple of times which has been prepared over the last fortnight. There are usually a few tiny changes to be made, so we make the finishing touches and check tech is running smoothly!

11am – I like to check in with the team and my emails before heading into the pitch – one team, one dream right!

11.30 am – Our prospective client arrives and we show them into the boardroom where we have prepared our ‘posh’ coffee purposefully for meetings such as these!  The presentation goes smoothly and we agree next steps with the client.

1.30 pm – I always send a follow up email to the prospective client, thanking them for coming in so they receive it before getting back to their desk.

1.45 pm – I’m taking my team out for lunch today, we rarely get a chance to catch up outside of work so it’s always nice to find out what’s new. Today we’ve chosen to head to Pasta di Piazza for pizza and catch ups!

3 pm – Once we are back in the office, it’s headphones on for an hour of finance, from forecasts to capacity planners.

4 pm – I have a 1:1 scheduled with our MD today, to discuss the 3 w’s; wins whinges and what next?

4.30 pm – Check back in with the team to approve and amend any documents that they’ve created over the last couple of days.



5 pm– Closing up any urgent emails and having a look over any documents that need to be worked on the next day, saving them to my desktop to try and tackle on the train home.

6 pm – Time to get the train back to Stratford. I sort out any last minute work, ready for tomorrow. Change into gym gear ready for Zumba.

7.30 pm – I always have a good giggle at Zumba with my sister-in-law to be – it’s a great way for us to catch up and put the world to right (in between squats and grapevines of course)!

8.30 pm – I arrive home to a lovely healthy salmon dinner on the table. Luckily (for me!) the hubby to be was home before me.  I pour us both a glass of red, absolutely no guilt necessary as I’ve kind of already worked it off, right?

9 pm – We probably should start the wedding planning but it’s been a long day so opt for the film option, tonight we’ve chosen Everest.

11 pm – If I haven’t already fallen asleep on the sofa, it’s time for bed. A very productive day. Eat, sleep, work, salsa, repeat!

Watch this space to find out which member of the Big Cat pride will be in the spotlight next month.

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