It’s all been pretty hush hush but Big Cat can finally announce that we’re now working with fresh produce giant Minor Weir & Willis (MWW)! We’re big on being healthy, and MWW ticks all of our boxes. We’ve been scoping out some intel in the meantime and fell in love with “A Love Story”, a short animation that Chipotle produced back in July. Our Junior Designer Lizzie goes into why it’s pulling her heart strings…


“A Love Story” starts off with Ivan, a young boy running an orange juice stall, wanting to save up to go on a cinema date with Evie, who’s running a successful homemade lemonade stand across the street. He does this by putting up posters of his orange juice stall all over the neighbourhood which in turn steals all her traffic. This takes a competitive turn and both brands develop into increasingly impersonal fast food enterprises that dominate the world. Fortunately both Evie and Ivan slowly realise their old passion – to create fresh drinks from real ingredients, and together they set up a new brand “Evie and Ivan”, dismantling their older enterprises. The animation ends with the message “Cultivate a better world.”




What’s most interesting is how illustrator Davide Saraceno develops the brands depicted in the story over time. Both mascots become more extravagant and industrialised as the brands abandon their integrity to win customers, and lose all trace of the human touch. They even have that “crazy eyes” going on in their last instalment (especially on the mascot for Mister Orange). Luckily the fictional characters ditch their crazy robots and settle for “Evie and Ivan”, a perfect combination of a genuine, sustainable business.






At Big Cat, we support local industry with grassroots values and working with MWW helps us to reinforce this value. Here’s to paving the way for improved social responsibility across the creative industry…



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