Bliss Charity Wristband -  Photo by Wooshping

At Big Cat we like to keep our fingers (or paws) on the charity pulse and keep up-to-date with the latest sector innovations, and we are excited to see charities continuing to embrace new technology – this time in the form of ‘Instant Fundraising Wristbands.’

UK charity Bliss, who help sick and premature babies, is the first to try out the wristbands, hoping they will help fundraisers to boost donations by making it quicker and easier for people to donate.

A potential donor simply touches their smartphone to the fundraiser’s wristband and they are instantly sent to a fundraising page – all thanks to the wristbands’ clever NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

According to Wooshping, the company behind the wristbands, they allow fundraisers to ‘seize the moment’ by giving potential donors the opportunity to donate on the spot in a matter of moments.

Brands from Guinness to Domino’s have used NFC technology as part of their marketing efforts and events organisers are finding creative uses for wristbands at festivalsbut now it seems charities are also getting on board. In fact, NFC technology is becoming an increasingly common part of our everyday lives, from Oyster cards to contactless payment systems (good news at a crowded bar or during the lunch hour scramble!). In Canada, MasterCard estimated that the introduction of contactless payment led to a 30% increase in card spend in the first 12 months, simply by making it quicker and easier for people to pay. If contactless donation proves as popular as contactless payment, the implications for charities could be huge, and of course we wish Bliss the best of luck with all their fundraising efforts!

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