Rio Olympics 2016 is just around the corner – only a week away! – and the Big Cat Pride are feeling pretty geared up about it. Even junior designer and snacking queen Lizzie is out and about (although that’s probably because she’s catching pokémon). While we’re in the sporty mood the studio has decided to do a quick round-up of all of the inspirational Olympic advertising cropping up on TV and across social media, including the Rio Olympics 2016 animation unveiled earlier this month by BBC Sport & Against All Odds and We’re the Superhumans by Channel4 & 4creative.

Rio Olympics 2016 Animation

This advert by BBC Sport and Against All Odds features animals prepping for the Olympics in Rio’s Tijuca Forest before being transformed into athletes surveying the Rio landscape. There’s a high level of detail within this trailer, so much that at first it looks as if a camera is panning the landscape and it isn’t until we see the animals that we realise it’s an animation. We didn’t think that sloths could be so athletic!

We’re the Superhumans

Although quite a lengthy commercial (lasting a whole song) this one by Channel4 and 4creative for the Paralympics hits all the right notes. It gained an emotional response through the flashbacks of where the disabled person would be, for example, rejected from a job offer to them then competing in a sport. Just goes to show that anything can be achieved through determination!

I am Team GB

Although not entirely classed as an Olympics advert, Art&Graft together with the National Lottery and ITV have launched a “I am Team GB” campaign through whimsical animations. These are for the next sporting event held in the UK right after the Olympics on August 27th, and is dubbed the “nations biggest sports day”. The first shows the impact of purchasing a lottery ticket as non-athletes are transformed into Olympians as the tickets glides past them, whereas the second focuses on ordinary people taking part in sporting events.


Thank you, Mom

Not too sure what it is about adverts with mothers but they’re a right tear jerker, and this one by P&G is no better (in a good way). This advert shows the life of different athletes from the very beginnings with their mum’s supporting them every step of the way even through small gestures.

The Anthem

Samsung has broken down the geographical borders that divides every country and brings them all together into their commercial The Anthem. It opens with an Australian girl singing the Botswana national anthem into a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, which is viewed by an older man who in turn sings his national anthem and this carries on through the video, uniting all of the national anthems of the world (well, most of) into one song. 

The main correlation through all of these commercials is that they focused more on the “human factor” by portraying each individual as a non-athlete (or by showing the life of an athlete from their initial stages). This resonates more with the audience as we don’t know what it’s like to be an athlete but we do know what it’s like doing a sport, so there’s a sense of familiarity within these adverts. The one exception is the Rio Olympics 2016 animation where the “human factor” is shown by humanising animals. 


Which one is your favourite?


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