Creative block lettering

Big Cat’s Junior Designer, Lizzie Owen sheds some light on her sources of inspiration when creative block strikes and for her love of lettering.

“Creative block” – the two deadliest words in the creative industry. Whether you work in marketing, PR or design, everyone experiences this once in a while.

There are many blogs offering tips on beating creative block, but for me, this just leads to frustration. The urgent need to search for inspiration is one of the main reasons why so many people are left uninspired.

Here at Big Cat we are big believers in spending 20 minutes a day looking on sites like Behance and Creative Bloq; it gives us the perfect amount of time to absorb information without being overwhelmed. (N.B. This is for our daily insight gathering – we spend a lot more time on gathering inspiration for client work).

The truth is, having a creative block isn’t always a negative thing. It allows you to take time out and focus on other things which will, in turn, spark inspiration. Imagine that you’re a pianist and you have to play the piano for 10 hours every day – even those who love playing the piano will feel fed up after a while, and it’s the same thing for other creatives. It’s so important that we find other things to allow our creative cogs to slow down for a little bit otherwise they’d get so wired up, they’d come crashing down altogether. That’s why, everyday, I take time out to focus on my lettering and express how I’m feeling through this medium.

If you have creative block, take advantage of it – go outside, read a book, go for a swim… You’ll find that once you’ve spent some time away doing something, you’ll be itching to start working on it again. After all, it’s not really a creative block: you’re just stalling for dramatic effect.

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