Here at Big Cat headquarters, none of us are ashamed to admit that we’re a little bit geeky when it comes to gaming; whether we’re playing a virtual game of football, or battling the Ork forces of Outworld.

So naturally, we jumped at the chance to work with Snail Games on their latest venture, Age of Wushu.  Much more than just a game, Age of Wushu is a virtual world experience where the player will progress through the game utilising physics–defying combat to battle bandits, warlords and each other across breath-taking landscapes.

What’s more, Chinese Wushu champion Jet Li is on board, and set to make a number of appearances at events. Speaking of events, we’re also more than a little bit excited about the UK launch event for Snail Games’ Global Chinese Server. A world’s first, the server will allow Chinese gamers to play Age of Wushu from wherever they may be in the world, without having to sacrifice excellent gameplay and graphics. Big Cat will be providing event management and media relations throughout the launch, which will also feature a stunning Tai Chi display from a troupe of over a hundred dancers.

I’m sure that when the game gets it’s release, we’ll be racing home, getting in our best gaming position (we’ve all got one), and getting slightly addicted to Age of Wushu.


Posted by: Hayley Lingard on