The 1st of April arrived again which meant we had a special visitor in the office – a REAL Big Cat. Well, a super-imposed one, but we grew fond of him throughout the day!

Although our April Fools was slightly unrealistic, we’ve collected some of our favourite jokes from the day to share with you – from Dominos’ edibox, Warburtons’ ‘sandwiching the Gherkin’ and Bathstore’s ‘Mirrorgram’.

Dominos exclusively created what they described as ‘a world first in ‘snackaging’ innovation’ – the edibox.

The edibox is just that – an edible box, which claims to be a ‘waste-free dining experience’. Based on the recipe of Dominos’ pizza crust, we can imagine it would be quite tasty; however from a practicality point of view we might have to question it. Unfortunately, it is just a concept, but with realistic graphics, its own web page, and a fairly believable background story, we give them top marks for effort!

Bathstore jumped on the ‘selfie’ bandwagon for this year’s April Fools, and produced the ‘Mirrorgram’.

The bathroom retailer created what they described as an ‘exclusive technology [which] allows you to turn your every reflection into stunning vintage snaps using a digital camera installed behind a one-way mirror, so you can strike a pose and share it with the world.’ With a range of filters, Mirrorgram allows you to edit your fresh-faced photographs and connect straight to the internet to share the images on Facebook and Twitter.

With the super-fast development of technology we wouldn’t be surprised if this became available to buy in the future, although we’re not sure how comfortable we’d feel about it!

Warburtons used the city of London as inspiration for their April Fool’s joke, photoshopping two sliced bread shaped skyscrapers either side of the iconic Gherkin to create a Gherkin sandwich.

According to Warburtons, it was due to their ‘rise in popularity in London’ that the ‘Willy-Wonka-esque’ buildings would be featuring in England’s capital city, with high-tech food labs and state-of-the-art food trend monitoring equipment. Warburtons said: “Our ambitions are never half-baked and we’re committed to investing to create the ultimate bakery centre in London.” Probably the least realistic idea so far, we can’t imagine the London locals would be too happy about this!

Samsung and HTC reinforced the current hype surrounding wearable technology with both brands (what are the chances!) creating tech gloves. Samsung ‘Fingers’ and the HTC ‘Gluuv’ had various comparable features, such as integrated screens, high-res cameras for yet more selfies and gesture recognition, but the Gluuv exceeds Samsung’s Fingers with its sci-fi design and boombomb stereo feature. Samsung, on the other hand, produced basic drawings, but did include a solar charge option, which we’re very keen on. Similarly to Bathstore’s ‘Mirrorgram’, we can see this becoming a reality, and since HTC are yet to release an only-an-April-fools disclaimer we’re going to keep our eyes peeled!

Many of the April Fools jokes we’ve seen are innovative yet believable, particularly those with their accompanying detailed graphics and digital focus, but we must admit our favourites are those that had us laughing from their unrealistic nature! We wonder what’s in store for next year…

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