Our design team is happy to announce that Big Cat have joined D&AD, the organisation for excellence in design and advertising. Since 1962, D&AD have been committed to raising standards in the industry and championing the greatest advertising and design around the world.

D&AD also aim to educate and nurture creative professionals, so our team are looking forward to furthering their own professional development through D&AD. The whole team at Big Cat are keen to engage further with the design community and open up future opportunities through our new membership.

Marv Robson, Senior Designer at Big Cat, said, “As our design team continues to grow and strengthen, we felt it was appropriate to join D&AD to stay at the top of our field. We hope that their insights into the world’s most renowned design work will inspire our output whilst the educational side of the organisation will enable our team to develop, grow and produce better quality work than ever before”.

Posted by: Mark Bridger on