Big Cat has been working with the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation for the past year supporting on marketing and design projects. We have worked with them on various projects involving brand identity, print design and print management.

We’ve built a great working relationship with them and we are so privileged to have seen some of the amazing work they do to supporting young people suffering from liver disease and to help fund research into the disease.

When the opportunity arose to do some hands on fundraising, our Big Cats leapt at the chance. Our Senior Account Manager, Oliver, and Junior Designer, Lizzie, decided to take on the challenge to abseil 170ft down the side of a building. Even if you don’t mind heights, that’s a long way down!

The day of the abseil came around pretty quickly and the nerves were high on the day.


Before stepping out over the edge Oliver said My internal monologue was something like, ‘What on earth am I doing? Just think of the fundraising – you’re doing a good thing Oliver!’”

Lizzie was equally as nervous “At first I was really pumped to get it over and done with, but when it came to actually doing it… I regretted my decision, but I knew that it was for a good cause and that I had to do it. There’s no turning back now! I slowly hopped over the corner of the building, and without further hesitation I pushed myself off the edge.”




As he began the descent, Oliver said he was concentrating very hard on the window in front of him and not the very long drop behind him!

Lizzie said “The way down wasn’t as bad as I thought, and I was slowly starting to get used to staring at my feet and ignoring the reflection of the buildings around me in the windows. It was at this moment that the good ol’ British weather turned – it got super windy, and I started to panic. I was miles away from the ground with only a piece of string as a support (an exaggeration) and the wind started blowing me side–to–side (not an exaggeration), so you could say that I was a bit terrified.”




After all that build up and the terrifying descent Oliver said “I’m alive, solid ground never felt so good! It was a great experience, although it was pretty nerve-racking, I’m so glad we all accomplished this feat and raised money for the fantastic CLDF charity in the process”



Lizzie felt the same sense of accomplishment “The last part went a lot smoother and quicker as I saw that I was getting closer to the ground, and boy it was such a relief to have my feet on solid concrete! My legs felt like jelly but I was shaking with excitement – I finally did it!”



Oliver and Lizzie raised a grand total of £560 for their amazing achievement and all of that money will be put toward helping children suffering from liver disease.

CLDF are just one of many charities we work with at Big Cat. Read more about our work with them here.

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