Midlands based Big Cat Group, has been commissioned to assist Birmingham Children’s Hospital on planning an upcoming fundraising music event. 

The full service agency has been enlisted to provide various services including branding and event marketing strategy. The event, which will take place next year, is to promote brand awareness and fundraising for the hospital.

Big Cat hosted a marketing strategy workshop with the Hospital where event concept was developed. The agency will be designing a branding for the event including logo’s and marketing materials. Big Cat are also being commissioned to deliver a digital audit to assess the Birmingham Children’s Hospital current online activity and reach.

In the last financial year, Birmingham Children’s Hospital raised a staggering £4.4million and are hoping to raise a further £4 Million by the end of March 2014. The music event is scheduled to take place in Spring 2014 and will be showcasing the best regional music talent who are support the hospital. 78p of each pound donated goes directly to the hospital to improve care, quality and provide the best possible service.

Nick Morgan, Big Cat’s CEO said, ‘We are thrilled to be commissioned to provide event marketing and branding for Birmingham’s Children’s Hospital. The hospital does great work and we at Big Cat intend to make this fundraising event one that will be remembered.’

Public fundraising manager for Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Vikki Savey said, ‘We’re really pleased to have Big Cat on board with us for this event. We always enjoy our fundraising ventures and are really excited for this one. Big Cat has a great reputation in the music and events industries and we trust they’ll make this event a success.’

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Birmingham Children’s Hospital hires Big Cat to bring the noise!