For two years, Big Cat has been working alongside fine art publishers Washington Green and their artists to act as a press office and generate coverage for upcoming news and events, which has seen many exciting collections launch; the latest being ‘The Brazil Series’ by world famous artist and musician Bob Dylan.

The hand signed prints were unveiled on Friday 15th May across each of the 35 galleries in the Castle Fine Art and Castle Galleries portfolio around the country, with the collection receiving wide-spread praise from the regional media.

Universally acknowledged as one of the most culturally relevant innovators of today, the special edition prints showcase Dylan’s prowess as an accomplished artist, painting Brazilian scenes brimming with life and full of vibrant colour.

His subject matter focuses on the infamous favelas, the bustling markets and the young men of the working class – offering up the many faces of Brazil to intrigue and inspire the viewer, capturing moments he has stumbled upon, rather than sought out. His works invite us into the secret places of Brazil, back streets and houses where tourists would never normally go.

Following on from Dylan’s previous collection, ‘The Drawn Blank Series’, these new works offer an insight into his nomadic existence which has characterised his life on the road for the last fifty years. ‘The Brazil Series’ charts Dylan’s fascination with the country, especially what he has seen off the beaten track in between his schedule of rehearsals and concerts.

The Big Cat PR team worked hard to secure 41 regional articles highlighting the work – with some fantastic picture lead coverage in publications including: Cambridge News, Surrey Advertiser, Wolverhampton Express and Star, Birmingham Mail Online and a substantial broadcast piece reviewing the collection on BBC Radio Scotland.

National coverage saw seven articles about Dylan’s art in The Independent, on, i, Daily Record and The Daily Mirror and


Each of the works are certificated and personally signed by Bob Dylan with the prints priced at £1,250.

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