Last month Big Cat conducted an investigation amongst charity organisations within the West Midlands to discover the way in which charities used marketing, PR and events to maximise their audience. A survey was created to establish the main factors of improvement for third sector organisations in terms of marketing and events. The survey was used to gain an insight into the perception of marketing within these organisations and the part it plays in enhancing their company.

We discovered that currently, charities overlook the benefits of certain aspects of marketing including social media. These organisations only had a basic understanding of the way in which social media can be used. Social media is becoming an integral part of society and business so third sector organisations need to understand the full potential and reach of social media.

Social media can instantly increase the exposure of an organisation if you use it in the right way. Communicating through social media allows a third sector organisation the chance to directly communicate with their target audience. It is a simple but effective way of creating relationship with potential contributors for your organisation.

If like many of these charities, you are struggling with the concept of social media then you could attend one of our social media briefings. The next one takes place on January 31st and looks at all aspects of social media that can help your company. The briefing is a free event and takes place in our Birmingham office. We will give you the skills to get your message out to your audience and position you as a social media expert.

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