As footy fever reaches supernova status, we at the Big Cat Studio would like to share some creative findings inspired by this majestic World Cup tournament…

These beautifully stylish team logos, following the current icon trend of simplicity and shadow definitely shine a new light on the traditional feel of historic team insignia:

Fifa World Cup Wallpapers

To view the full range created by Brazilian designer Leandro Urban, click here.

Gone are the good ol’ days of David Ginola, replaced by this exquisite illustration style showcasing Head & Shoulders’ involvement in the World Cup.

Head & Shoulders World Cup Packaging

These images really need to be viewed in more detail as the execution is remarkable, click here for an in-depth gander.

Finally, our favourite World Cup commercial on TV at the moment is Nike’s “The Last Game”. This Pixar-esque tale of some of the world’s finest players is both heart warming and action packed – if only it were longer!

Nike Football - The Last Game

If you haven’t yet gotten into the footy spirit then follow this link to watch this amazing video and you soon will be.

Honourable mentions go to:

Samsung  Galaxy 11

Geometric character portraits by Daniel Nyari

Nissin Cup Noodle “Samurai in Brazil” Commercial

Keep a keen eye out, as this is always a great time to catch some creative genius. We hope everyone enjoys this World Cup… COME ON ENGLAND!

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