For a long time Millennials have been the focus point for brands, but now companies are taking notice of a new target market. The Centennials.

Who are they?

Aged between 0 and 19, they are the first generation to grow up not remembering a time before iPads and social media. They’ve been raised through recession and in the world post 9/11. This means that they’re a lot more realistic and grounded than their Millennial counterparts and they are far more saving-savvy.

They are open-minded. A recent study has found that 87% of them would like to live in a world which is accepting of other people’s beliefs and values. They have grown up in a world where people are becoming more accepting of others and where the LGBT movement is thriving, so they are less likely to hold the prejudices of the older generation.

They are pragmatic. They know that it’s a tough old world out there and that finding work won’t be easy, especially if they don’t go to university.  They know that live may have ups and downs but they are also ready to embrace them.

They are not rebellious. They don’t like risky activity and are more interested in health and wellness that the usual indicators of teenage rebellion. They prefer a far more glossy and curated look to the traditional teenage grunge phase.

How can marketers use this?

Given their money smarts, Centennials do their research before buying. They value the views of other customers, and are wary if a product has no reviews. So make sure you are drawing in the good reviews!

We know that they’ve grown up with a mobile in their hand so what better channel to reach them?

Millennials are the Facebook generation, however these guys are not so keen. They much prefer social networks that they feel are more creative; Instagram and Snapchat are the apps of choice.  The bite-size nature of the content on these apps means that they also have a very short attention span. You have to grab it and grab it quick.

Social media allows a user to interact with their favourite brands and this is what centennials love – be prepared that they will want to contribute and feel as though that contribution is valued.

At Big Cat we have clients that need to tap into the Centennial demographic, and it is our job to help them do so!

Posted by: Greta Baker on