With increasingly tight marketing budgets, charities must now find innovative ways to get their message across without spending a fortune. Inspired by this article in the Guardian, we’ve outlined some of our favourite creative campaigns across the third sector (and a very cute photo of penguins wearing jumpers).

Street Child Africa – Barefoot Friday

Street Child Africa footsie

Following on from the phenomenal success of Cancer Research UK’s #nomakeupselfie, Street Child Africa has taken a humorous spin on the ‘selfie’ by encouraging people to take a #footsie instead. By focusing on bare feet, rather than faces, the charity hopes to raise awareness and money for homeless young people in Africa.

The original #nomakeupselfie campaign raised over £8 million in less than a week, illustrating how the social media landscape can change overnight, which is why it is important for charities to keep up to date with online trends so that they can react to opportunities as and when they unfold. Big Cat wishes Street Child Africa the best of luck with the #footsie campaign, which launches on June 20th, ‘Barefoot Friday.’

Age UK / Innocent – Big Knit

Innocent Age UK Big Knit Hall of Fame

For charities, as for businesses, collaborating with like-minded organisations can yield powerful results. Each year, Age UK collaborates with Innocent on the Big Knit campaign, calling on people to knit hats for smoothie bottles, with 25p of each sale going to charity. Here is just a selection of the wild and wacky creations that have earned their place in the Big Knit Hall of Fame.

For those whose crafts are more Regretsy than Etsy, Innocent also provides the option of knitting a ‘virtual hat’ that you can share with friends via social media, spreading awareness of the campaign at minimal cost. The Big Knit cleverly taps into the nation’s obsession with crafting, making it fun to donate while raising vital funds to look after vulnerable elderly people in the winter – a real win-win.

Penguin Foundation – Penguin Jumpers

Penguin Foundation Jumpers

Earlier this year, the Penguin Foundation gave crafters another reason to pick up their knitting needles, calling for penguin-sized jumpers to protect the birds from oil spills. The response was overwhelming and within days the foundation could fill a shipping container with the home-made donations – so many that they are not accepting any more jumpers at this time. But just to give you a better idea of its success, here is a photo of a very content colony of penguins showing off their donated jumpers. Awww.

The campaigns above illustrate the way that charities are coming up with more and more innovative ways to get their messages across while protecting their budgets.

From footsies to penguin jumpers, what these campaigns have in common is that they make it fun for people to donate and use social media to spread the word at next-to-no cost. Here at Big Cat we are always thinking about innovative and cost-effective ways to help our third sector clients to share their messages. Why not pop in for a coffee and a chat with the team to find out more?

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