This month, we’re getting to know our newest addition to Big Cat’s PR team – Becky Homer. Becky has been working with us as Senior PR Account Executive for just over a month, and has since won us over with her delicious home-made brownies! So Becky, tell us more…

Tell us about an exciting piece of work you’ve been working on…

Since starting at Big Cat, I’ve been heavily involved with the PR for HOLI ONE Colour Festival. As an avid believer of all things spiritual, I really appreciate the message behind the festival. Inspired by the Hindu Festival Holi, it’s a celebration of the colour of everyday life, love and all things that are generally pleasant. Saturday the 7th was the first leg of the 16 City UK tour in Southampton and it was an awesome, although disappointingly sober affair. If you haven’t got tickets yet, I really recommend getting some for a really fun day out with your pals!

What music have you been listening to recently?

Apart from PR, of course, music is something which I am very passionate about. At the moment, some of my favourite artists are Nick Mulvey, RY X and London Grammar. My favourite artists of all time I would have to say are the Smiths and Keaton Henson – both of which are delightfully miserable (that’s probably not a real saying – bitter sweet?) to listen to.

You will often find me the majority of evenings in a dingy venue somewhere in Birmingham, swaying to an acoustic cover of ‘Girls just want to have fun’ by a little-known local band; I’ll be the one in the corner with a pint of Thatcher’s.

Share something inspiring with us…

“The mind is everything, what you think you become”  – Buddha

What are your interests outside of work?

Outside of work, apart from swooning over long haired musicians with ukuleles (or something equally as whimsical), I run a monthly magazine for gay women in the West Midlands area. There is a serious lack of LGBT media, especially from the Midlands upwards and especially for gay women. To combat this, I created 537zine in 2011 and it has been going strong ever since.The ultimate aim is to provide young women (sometimes men are allowed too) with a platform to express their views and get involved with issues that they really care about in an exciting and innovative way.

Other hobbies include cats (very appropriate), comics/anime and really scary films.

Find out more about the PR team here, and watch this space to find out more about our lively pride.

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