Craig Frost

This week, Craig Frost joins the pride as the latest addition to the creative studio. With a wealth of knowledge in graphic design and front-end web development, Craig gives us an insight into his plans for Big Cat, as well as what he enjoys doing when his head isn’t in his MacBook…

Tell us about an exciting piece of work you’ve been working on…

I’ve just joined Big Cat, and I’ll be working on engineering and designing for the web. I’m a big proponent of responsible design and accessibility, and so a large part of my focus will be on CSS architecture and user experience, along with constructing delightful user interfaces that make our products a joy to use. I’m terribly excited to get started.

What music have you been listening to recently?

I’m normally working on something or other, and listening to relaxing music really helps here, so I’ve been hooked on Nils Frahm for a while, though I should probably add more things to my playlist!

I do try to take some time off though, so I’m going to to a couple of live shows soon: Ben Howard on April 20th (which happens to be my birthday), and The Foo Fighters in June, which should be really great.

Share something inspiring with us…

Diego Rodriguez of IDEO wrote something a couple of years ago which has stayed with me since. He had taken his five year old daughter to school, yet they’d arrived a little early, and so they sat down on the floor of the library and read a book until class started.

They selected a picture book told in the voice of a grandmother telling her grandchild about what the child’s father was like as a baby and young child. Some of the illustrations showed a child being happy, some frustrated, some sad, some hungry, and one was about being afraid.

Upon seeing that last one, Diego’s daughter said, “It’s okay to be a little afraid, it just means you’re about to learn something.”

So now, whenever I might normally feel afraid about embarking on something risky, I just remember, I’m probably just about to learn something.

What are your interests outside of work?

I have a few, really. I enjoy working with new technology, and building things for myself and others, to make the web community a better one. That’s the great thing about this industry, and why I’m lucky with the work I do.

Other than that, I like exploring different parts of the world with my fantastic girlfriend. I enjoy learning new things, but learning them with her makes it even more exciting. I’m an extremely lucky man.

Find out more about the design team here, and watch this space to find out the latest on the pride.

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