Oliver, our Design Account Manager and Nathan, our Art Director, were busy at the weekend working on the photoshoot for the major upcoming regional campaign for our client John Taylor Hospice.

Here are a few special behind-the-scenes pictures of the work the boys did, along with the photographer Ed, who did a superb job, considering we had to cover x7 different shoots, across x2 mornings, indoors, outdoors and in all different locations – what can we say, we relish a challenge!

All the shots came together wonderfully, so now we’ve got the great task of sifting through all the images and selecting from the fruits of our labour. Needless to say, we got some wonderful shots and can’t wait to share this with everyone when the campaign goes live in March. Activity will feature across Outdoor, Ambient and Transport media, with a special fully branded polka-dot taxi to also be revealed – so keep an eye out for more details on this coming soon…

“Quick! Everyone look serious!”

“Ed tries to draw out Arfan’s inner model…”

“Be careful Nathan!”

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