In homage to National Story-Telling Week, Big Cat’s Directors have pulled together their own series of short stories. Join Griff the lion on his jungle adventures throughout the week. Be sure to check back each day this week for an additional excerpt.

Part 1:

Deep amongst the grasslands in Sub-Saharan Africa, there lived an ambitious lion cub called Griff. Born into a pride of 29 other lions, Griff spent his days learning about the boundaries of his pride’s territory and how, once he was old enough, he would need to help protect them by doing the usual lion-y things. Whilst his fellow cubs seemed to excel as they learnt each day, Griff was always curious to know about what lay beyond the boundary. Surely there was more to life than roaring, weeing and chasing off intruders? So one day, at the end of his lesson, he decided to cross the territory – and venture into the unknown…


Part 2:

As he rambled through the depths of jungle, jumping over logs and splashing through streams, he met some unusual characters….ones that he had never before seen.  Swinging from the trees were five mischievous monkeys, teasing a crocodile by shouting ‘you can’t catch me!’ The cool and calm crocodile was patient as can be, waiting for his moment to snap, so he could have the monkeys for his tea! As Griff continued to explore the jungle, passing through caves he heard what seemed like a massive rumble. He rushed over to check it out and noticed a heard of elephants with the longest ever snouts.

They were marching ranks in single file, stomping and stamping over every jungle mile. Griff looked over at the elephants patrol with his big cheesy grin, he thought ‘surely these guys will let me join in?’ So Griff made his way over to see if he could give it a try, but before he had chance to ask them, something rather extraordinary caught his eye…..


Part 3:

There in a clearing was an incredible sight. A giant, a dragon, what could it be? Twenty feet tall and covered in spots, with a tongue so blue and horns like a bonsai tree. Shy at first but too curious to ignore Griff crept over to say ‘helloo’. He plucked up the courage and sucked in his chest, and bellowed with all his might. ‘Hi I’m Griff the lion. What on earth are you?’. ‘I’m a g g giraffe’ the thing managed to say. ‘You gave me such a fright. What are you doing out alone so close to night’?

‘I’m a brave adventurer on an important quest’ said Griff, ‘to find treasure, a princess and dragon to fight.’

You’re just in time’ the giraffe confided ‘it’s lucky you came when you did. I’m hot on the trail of a tribe of trolls that live in a magical tree somewhere nearby, come with me I bid….

Part 4:

Night time came in quickly and the sky grew cold and black,  Griff and his new friend John strode on not looking back.

“The trolls were h h heading this way” as John nodded straight ahead,

And sure enough behind the trees was a clearing bathed in red. For the trolls were dancing around a fire and chanting all as one,

“There must be a hundred at least, maybe more” whispered a frightful John.

Griff could see that not far away was the troll’s treasure that he craved, but how could he sneak past them? He needed to be brave…

Griff crept round the campfire whilst John made quite a scene, and the distraction proved just enough for Griff to go unseen.

He stashed the loot in his cub rucksack so he could show it off to his Big Cat Pride, and he tip-toed quietly back into the trees so that he could run and hide.

Part 5:

Not happy at their loss the trolls gave chase at once, chanting all as one again “come back you silly chumps!”

But Griff was small and nimble and John was far too quick, they ran to safety in no time it was such a handy trick.

On the way back home the two friends spoke of their a merry tale, would anyone believe what they had seen, surely they would fail?

As they parted ways Griff shouted “We must do this again!”

And John replied “Of course my friend, just tell me where and when!”

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