Big Cat was recently approached by Chi Kitchen to consider ways in which we can engage the Birmingham media and blogger scene to get people talking about one of the City’s newest Pan Asian restaurants.

When we first visited the venue we were all taken aback by how beautifully furnished the restaurant was, featuring an open kitchen, a fully stocked bar and a view we didn’t even know existed! Situated at the back of Debenhams in the Bullring, it’s an absolute hidden gem and one that we are determined to get the people of Birmingham and afar coming to visit.

Chi Kitchen Debenhams

We decided to leverage the Chinese New Year celebrations to draw attention to the speciality menus on offer throughout February, while also using it as a timely platform to announce the exclusive partnership with MasterChef winner, Ping Coombes.

We decided to host a ‘Masterclass with the MasterChef’ creating the ultimate authentic Asian cooking experience for local press and foodie bloggers to attend.

Ping Coombes at Chi Kitchen

We started with a trip down to the local food markets, which provided the opportunity to highlight just how fresh Chi Kitchen food really is, by creating an educational tour whereby Ping highlighted all of the authentic and exotic ingredients which are used daily by chefs at Chi Kitchen.Chi Kitchen blogger event

Once returning back to the restaurant, guests were greeted with a range of canapés including Chicken Satay, Prawn and Chive dumplings and some of the best fresh sushi we’ve ever tasted! It was great to see owner Eddie Lim and his wife Joyce joining in the masterclass. The couple were the perfect hosts welcoming all their guests (and taking selfies!) – They really helped to sell the whole experience of the family owned restaurant.

California crab roll platter

Ping then began her cooking demonstration where everyone was WOWed by her traditional Chinese New Year dish (with a twist) ’23 Carat gold Lo Sang’ which consisted of a range of fruits and vegetables and topped with raw fish and GOLD! The food continued to be brought out for the rest of the session, by which point it was evidently clear that the guests had all been won over by Chi Kitchen’s delicious flavours and excellent hospitality!

Chi 5


Chi 6

We seeded photos from the day on social platforms and watched as the bloggers and food writers began sharing their experience of the Chi Kitchen masterclass with their blog and social followers.  The reception was fantastic as everyone raved about the food, not only about the taste, but how the entire experience enabled them to understand exactly where the food comes from, how it’s prepped, cooked and served with 100% fresh and natural ingredients, showcasing exactly why Chi Kitchen provides something just that little bit extra special in the City.

Chi 7

Overall the event saw great food, great company and great coverage! A successful day in the life of a Big Cat – we’re looking forward to continuing our growing relationship with Chi Kitchen and we’re very excited for what the future holds for them here in Birmingham. Watch this space!


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