At Big Cat we love design, and love coming to work (mostly!). So we understand how good office design can make work that bit easier! Our junior designer, Lizzie looks into an example of aspirational office design.

For us Big Cats, there is no work/life balance. This balance implies that working is a negative aspect, and helping others is definitely not a chore around here! There have been plenty of articles floating around where other design studios blur the lines between work/life by having “play” areas and libraries (not that we’re getting any ideas *cough*), and recently our creative team have stumbled upon a new concept by New York-based strategy and design consultants DIA called “Primary”. Instead of just creating a shared workspace community for like-minded SMEs in the form of a super-cool studio, this concept covers the whole premises where meetings rooms and yoga classes lie side-by-side.

Everything from the printing materials to the interior design is airy – lots of white space with a spot of colour here and there, creating a sophisticated yet approachable design. This minimalist approach eliminates any possible distractions so that people would feel more focused and comfortable. Yet the building isn’t at all clinical – hints of greenery appears here and there; moss walls, fresh flowers and live planters.






They have opted for a soft sans-serif typeface as their main choice, set in a grey tone so that it doesn’t clash with the bright gradients in their multi-faceted logo. “Different hues are used for different activities. For example, a Bikram yoga class would involve more heat and intensity than a meditation class, so the colours would vary accordingly”. – DIA, Primary article

Each member or employee is given a unique colour combination of the logo, depending on their character and the time of day, creating a more personal experience. These members/employees also have a chance to partake in any of the yoga/meditation/fitness classes for free, as well as access to the cafe.

Primary is a perfect example of the amalgamation between work and life/play. Having a desk job isn’t exactly healthy, but by having fitness studios down the corridor certainly helps. Health and well-being is really important to us at Big Cat and that is reflected in our clients, so it’s nice to see other companies incorporating easy ways to include them into their day-to-day life.

At the moment there’s only one Primary office, and Big Cat can’t wait for them to grow and for more businesses to adopt their work ethic. Maybe one day we could have our own gym, too!

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