Interbrand has recently revealed a new brand identity for the country of El Salvador. With a flourish of colour, the aim is to diminish its negative perceptions and highlight its investment, exports and tourism industries. The anchoring “v” serves as a beacon for the branding by emitting simple, kaleidoscopic illustrations – relevant to El Salvador’s diverse and vibrant culture. The primary colour (indigo blue) harks back to the country’s national flag, placing the people at the heart of their new identity.

This then got us thinking about our city and its brand. Birmingham is going through many revolutionary changes lately, where the council envisions it as a renowned “enterprising, innovative and green City” (sourced from the Birmingham Development Plan 2031). The timing is also perfect with the first ever Mayoral election happening on May 4th, and Birmingham having welcomed the highest number of visitors on record last year with tourist numbers reaching 39 million (source: ).

With all the planned growth and development in mind, we feel that the city deserves a graphic distinction to match. A city brand will help transform Birmingham’s reputation as a world class destination, ensuring potential visitors get a clear understanding of its unique offering. It’s the biggest city outside of London and has a thriving multicultural community worthy of being celebrated through a brand to match. As Big Cat works with public authorities such as WMCA as well as being destination marketing experts, we can only hope an opportunity such as this may arise in the near future.

Posted by: Keshia Chauhan on