Transferwise Nothing2Hide

Londoner’s may have had quite a surprise last Friday 13th, when their normal morning commute was disrupted by something not quite so normal, as a naked army marched through Liverpool Street station, all in aid of Transferwise’s current ‘Nothing to Hide’ campaign.

Three days after receiving a $25m cash injection from Sir Richard Branson and Peter Thiel to fund the ongoing awareness campaign about hidden bank fees, over 100 demonstrators stripped off to reveal ‘Nothing To Hide’ painted over their bodies as they marched through the heart of the city. Led by TransferWise co-founders Taavet Hinrikus and Kristo Käärmann, the stunt aimed to raise awareness and express their objection towards the hidden costs of money transfers that banks often fail to make us aware of, and it did just that – as tweeters posted using the #nothing2hide hashtag, creating an online buzz about the mass-nakedness.

With a lack of control over the crowd, anything could have happened, but the Big Cat PR team ensured a smooth run, alongside Big Cat Group’s experiential agency House of Experience who came up with the idea, and organised and coordinated the stunt. London-based House of Experience specialise in building everlasting relationships between brands and consumers to increase their lifetime value, whilst measuring each experience using their extensive knowledge in ROI.

Benjamin Reed, Creative Director at House of Experience, commented ‘We are experts at creatively giving online brands mass exposure and PR coverage offline. When relevant to the brand, the power of a flashmob still provides a huge ROI for brands needing face-to-face engagement with their consumers to deliver key messages.’

Transferwise allows its users to send money abroad at the lowest possible true cost, using “only real exchange rates” and “tiny not-hidden-fees.”

Taavet Hinrikus, co-founder of TransferWise, said ‘Banking needs to be shaken up – today we kick off our campaign to stamp out hidden fees and make the world of international money transfers a fairer place. Raising awareness is an essential step in arming consumers with all the information they need to make informed choices about how to transfer their money abroad without getting ripped-off.’

Stunts like this get our hearts racing – it’s such an exciting project to be involved with. If you’d like us to be a part of one of your future campaigns, get in touch.

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