9th – 15th of June was Men’s Health Week and here at Big Cat we think it’s great to see charities finding creative ways to get blokes to take better care of themselves. No-one likes a stereotype, so we are not suggesting that men are about as likely to admit feeling under the weather as they are to ask for directions – but statistically speaking, they are less likely to go to the doctor with a health concern and are more likely to fall victim to cancer than women.

Here are some of our favourite campaigns from men’s health as compiled by Marketing Magazine.

Prostate Cancer UK – Men United

Prostate Cancer UK Men United Banner

With the 2014 World Cup also kicking off last week, what better way to catch men’s attention than by tapping into football fever? With a team of celebrity supporters, Prostate Cancer UK have created prostate health website Men United,’ which includes a quiz on everything from the location of the prostate (it may not be where you think!) to the amount invested in prostate cancer research each year. We think they have done a great job of using sport to transform a potentially uncomfortable topic into something more engaging and relatable. Head over to http://menunited.prostatecanceruk.org/ to join the team.

STD Triage

STD Triage Logo

Most of us have an uneasy relationship with Dr Google. Sometimes, typing your symptoms into the search engine can provide instant peace-of-mind but – more often – it can send you into a panic spiral without giving you the reliable information you need. This is where a new iOS app, STD Triage, comes in. Men simply take a picture of their problem area, type a few notes on their symptoms and send it to a licensed dermatologist for a quick diagnosis or referral, charged at $10. We believe anything that encourages men to seek professional advice is a good thing and are pleased to see the healthcare industry embracing mobile technology.

Men’s Health Forum

Men's Health Forum Man MOT

The Man MOT on the Men’s Health Forum is another great example of how healthcare organisations are using stereotypically ‘male’ interests to get men to take notice of their health. After all, some men know more about what’s going on under their car bonnet than they do about their own health. To try and change this, men in Haringey can text their local GP with a health question and receive a fast response in complete confidentiality. As with the STD Triage app, it is great to see healthcare organisations embracing mobile technology to provide men with quick and convenient access to medical advice. It will be interesting to see whether the scheme is a success and if so, whether we can expect to see it rolled out across the UK.

When you think about it, summer is one of the manliest times of year – barbeques, lawnmowers, the World Cup and, of course, Men’s Health Week. So in this very manly of seasons, make sure you also think about men’s health and take a look at the many great online resources out there.

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