Yesterday Nick Morgan, Big Cat’s CEO, spoke at The Guide Live, a conference for event planners and buyers, held in The Tower of London.

‘Small budget, big wow factor’ was the theme. Nick discussed how to produce innovative, creative and effective events for clients with low budgets and short deadlines. Being able to say no and managing client expectations were key pointers, “Agencies all too often say yes – the fear of loss is so great, especially when you want to hold onto a client – even if the project is untenable.”

Nick’s advice was to not be afraid to ask venues and suppliers questions. This can lead to big savings, for example by not sticking to a venue’s  accredited supplier list. This made a huge difference when working on the HoliOne festival, when the lead time given was only 8 weeks despite needing 10 weeks to gain planning permission.

The event was covered by Event Magazine. You can read their coverage of the conference here and a Storify of the online activity surrounding the event here.

Big Cat has a fantastic background in producing these kind of events. You can have a look at some of our previous events work here.

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