Nick Morgan, CEO of Big Cat, was recently featured in Standout Magazine, explaining the Health and Safety procedures and considerations that were made for the Holi One Festivals that were held over summer 2013 in Manchester and London. You can view the full article on page 25 here.

The Holi One Festivals centre on the moment when thousands of people throwing brightly coloured powder into the air at the same time, an idea borrowed from Hindu traditions. This creates unique and fantastic vibrant bursts of colour, all sound tracked by some of the most talented bands and DJs on offer.

However the use of these powders requires clear health and safety processes. Nick sets out the precautions put in place by Big Cat such as eye care stations, segregated powder zones and only allowing powder bought on site to be used. The powder itself is completely harmless to skin and totally water soluble. Other health and safety actions included risk assessments and third party supplier audits, as well as the standard safety and licensing requirements.

The success of Big Cat’s handling of the Holi One festivals in 2013 has also led to our recent winning of Holi One’s 2014 UK tour, reaching more cities than ever. The Cats can’t wait for more summer explosions of colour next year!

Posted by: Mark Bridger on