A selection of our favourite stories from everyday grocery / FMCG brands…

Ben & Jerry Use Ice Cream to Power their Factory

Already known for their their use of Fair Trade ingredients and ‘peace, love and ice cream’ philosophy, Ben & Jerry’s have also proven their green credentials by becoming the first ice cream manufacturers to use by-products to power their factory.

The Chunkinator
The Chunkinator

A high tech reactor known as ‘The Chunkinator’ converts wasted milk, creams, syrups and fruit pieces into energy at the Hellendoorm factory in the Netherlands. It has already been used to power the production of 16 million pints of ice cream, so that’s one less reason to feel guilty about devouring that tub of Phish Food in one sitting.

Cravendale Hits the Big Screen

Movies for Juniors CineWorld Cravendale
Barry the Biscuit Boy

Cravendale are sponsoring CineWorld’s Movies for Juniors club, as part of the milk brand’s ‘Summer Fun for All the Family’ campaign. The sponsorship will include cinema adverts featuring ‘Barry the Biscuit Boy,’ accompanied by foyer POS material, kids’ activity booklets and redeemable milk coupons. Cravendale are also running a ‘Bake Your Own Barry’ Facebook competition where kids can share their cookie creations for a chance to win marvellous milkshake kits. The sponsorship is designed to reinforce Cravendale’s family values by encouraging parents and children to spend quality time together.

McVitie’s Gets Cheeky

McVities Sweeet
The BN owl

McVitie’s have launched a new campaign for BN biscuits with the help of some rather cute feathered friends. The BN owls have a cheeky wink like the biscuits themselves, and will be promoted on TV, in-store, in the press and online. In the 30 second TV ads they emerge from packets of BNs and cause mayhem, all to the much-loved ‘Mnah Mnah’ theme tune. The owls are part of the wider McVitie’s ‘Sweeet’ campaign, which uses cute creatures from kittens to puppies to try and evoke the same sweet feeling you get from eating a McVitie’s biccie. We love the new addition to the campaign!

These stories are great examples of everyday FMCG brands coming up with highly innovative and engaging marketing solutions to keep them at the front of our minds on grocery day.

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