Every month Big Cat hosts the Birmingham Digital Marketers Meet Up where anyone with an interest in marketing can come along and learn from our amazing speakers and chat to like-minded people.

Birmingham Digital Marketers Meet Up

Search marketing is a core service for many marketing agencies (Big Cat included), but to many marketers and business owners SEO and PPC are opaque digital marketing mysteries. To others they are an essential tactic in their marketing toolkit; working best in combination. Search marketing as part of a digital strategy is built on a solid foundation of eCommerce best practice, and can be the corner stone of many businesses’ online marketing activity. Given the key role of search marketing in any marketing strategy, we decided that our September meet-up should focus on this area, providing attendees with a ‘Search Marketing 101’.

This month’s speaker, Chris Thomas, has been the Managing Director at Cloggs.co.uk since 2002 and has been at the forefront of search marketing since the early days of online shopping. Cloggs is a multi-award winning footwear retailer which has used PPC and SEO to help grow its brand since launching in 1998.

In the run up to the event Chris said:

“Digital Marketing can seem like an ever changing landscape but the principles remain the same. By mastering the basics on which it is all built, the world of digital marketing will soon start to make sense. The presentation will be relevant for those just starting to learn the discipline and those who would like a useful refresher!”

As well as explaining the difference between paid and organic search marketing, Chris shared his three simple steps to SEO glory:

  1. Pick the perfect keywords – You have to tune yourself in to what words people are searching.
  2. On site optimisation – Target your landing pages and remember that content is king.
  3. Off-site inbound marketing – Think of your site as a city which needs roads and rail routes coming into it so people can visit!

Birmingham Digital Marketers Meet Up

After the presentation, there was a great Q & A session, which was the springboard for some really interesting discussions about regularly updating your website with new content and remembering that you have to be in for the long haul with SEO. These discussions were continued over delicious pizza and nibbles courtesy of Pasta di Piazza!

We were pleased to see nearly 30 people at the event that were just as interested as us (well almost!) in the world of SEM! The attendees came from a range of professional backgrounds; from experienced marketers to people just starting out in the industry, as well as business owners and consultants.

If you couldn’t make it this time, don’t worry our next event is scheduled for Tuesday 18th October when we’ll be talking about building trust in your brand. You can sign up here! We look forward to seeing you there!

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