Charities can now benefit from the world’s first fundraising app, which was recently unveiled by Spotify. The app, which is known as the Guilty Pledgers app, encourages users to donate money to a charity of their choice in exchange for adding a favourite or guilty pleasure song to a playlist.

The app is simple to use, all you have to do is create a fundraising ‘party’; an online gathering by signing into Facebook via Spotify – inviting as many friends as you would like. Invited friends are then encouraged to add songs to the playlist, pledging money in exchange for their favourite tune. Then users can simply sit back and relax enjoying the shared playlist, whilst also having done a great deed for charity in an easy manner.


Pledges from the playlist are collected in real time, through e-commerce donation platform Just Giving, who support over 12,000 incredible charities.

Charities have recently increased their digital presence to reach their target audience in an ever changing digital era. The Guilty Pledgers app is an opportunity for charities to target a younger demographic, who spend the majority of their time online. The app also sets a fun and lively tone to fundraising, which was the main goal as explained by co-founder Andy Whitlock who said, “We wanted to make fundraising as feel-good as possible. And what could feel better than partying to your absolute favourite tune without your friends being able to judge your music choices?”

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