The design industry thrives on international growth – although now the future is uncertain with Brexit on the horizon. Hundreds of creatives expressed their dismay at the decision (including Big Cat), nonetheless it’s been rather quiet since the vote. As design is a big part of what we do here, our junior designer, Lizzie, took a look at the design community’s response to the vote to leave.


Dezeen held a summit over the summer of leading designers and architects where they outlined the importance the sector has on the UK’s economy, and thus the Brexit Design Manifesto was produced. This manifesto “outlines the cultural and economic importance of the UK’s design sector and how it can help the UK thrive when the UK leaves the EU” (Dezeen) and was launched on Wednesday at Somerset House, which can be viewed on their Facebook page.


So what are the benefits of the manifesto? Is there any point in having one? One of the key points of the manifesto is to steer Brexit in a way that it would benefit the design industry, building on the fact that it relies quite a lot on overseas workers. It ensures that EU employees that are already working for UK design firms to be allowed to remain, as well as overseas students wishing to apply for a job here after graduating. You can read more about what the manifesto would cover here.


It’ll be a few weeks before the manifesto will be presented to the government, giving time for more people to sign. You can count on the Big Cat Pride to be signing up! Will you?


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