The past month has been a busy one for non-profit organisations – and it seems that social media continues to play a vital part in various charities’ digital strategies. Here are a few stories from the past 4 weeks that stood out for us.

At the end of April, Alzheimer’s Research UK announced the launch of their new social media app, ‘FaceDementia’.

The app aims to stimulate some of the symptoms experienced by people suffering from dementia. By using a combination of personal photos, status updates and other information, the app accesses the users’ recent Facebook activity and shows what it would be like to forget where they live, work and who their loved ones are.

The app is a realistic, informative and engaging example of charities using social media effectively to raise awareness of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, and should be recognised by other organisations trying to achieve similar aims.

In other news, we’re really excited about the upcoming launch of a new campaign from Guide Dogs, featuring – yes, you guessed right – dogs dressed as superheroes to promote its new fundraising event, Dogs Unite, which aims to bring 10,000 people together for the biggest dog walk in London.

The integrated campaign, developed by Rapp, aims to portray all dogs as heroes in an effort to inspire people to attend the event at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on 14 June. To tie in with the theme of the campaign, free capes will also be given away at the event, which will include dog shows.

After the huge success of its first series of webinars aimed at third sector organisations, Microsoft has now organised another full programme for those who couldn’t participate previously.

The discussions will last just 45 minutes and will allow you to hear from specialists about real life experiences of deploying Microsoft technology and how charities can use it.

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