Over the past few months, Big Cat have been providing marketing, PR and design services for Aspire, in preparation for the Aspire Channel Swim. Taking place from September to December, the Aspire Channel Swim helps to raise money for those paralysed by Spinal Cord Injury and sees thousands of people around the UK swim the distance of the English Channel over 12 weeks in their local pool.

We were briefed to design and implement a purpose driven website that would help the user journey from being informed about the event to getting involved, as seamless and as easy as possible. The purpose of the webpage would be to deliver a single source of information and interaction.

Online giving is tipped to become the most popular way of donating, but the charity sector often fails to optimise the donating experience. We had to ensure this wasn’t the case by integrating a straightforward form design to build trust and confidence. Making a donation is an emotional decision, therefore the more complicated the user journey is, the less likely the user is to convert. Therefore, the website was integrated with a Just Giving API to ensure a quick and easy process. The Just Giving API also allows the user to see their information in a more visual and engaging way.

The digital world is increasingly moving further towards mobile, even in the charity sector, with 17% of donations made on mobile devices. Taking this into consideration, we had to ensure a mobile-friendly website was developed with easy navigation and prominent buttons.

Big Cat have been honored to work with such an inspiring charity that makes a life-changing difference. The work doesn’t stop here though, stay tuned for updates on our marketing and PR projects.

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