With the Olympics all wrapped up for another four years, it’s hard not to reflect on all the amazing achievements of the athletes we saw competing. Aside from the incredible physical feats, there are so many qualities that an athlete possesses that we can all learn from and apply to the workplace.



There are so many team sports in the Olympics from cycling to rowing to hockey. These guys are the ultimate teams. They have pushed themselves and each other to be the absolute best they can be so they can be amongst the best in the world at what they do. They know each other so well – their strengths and weaknesses. They have worked out the best ways to exploit each other’s strengths and compensate for their weaknesses. That is the nature of being in a team, and this is something that should be easy to translate to the office. Remember that each individual has a different style but that doesn’t mean you can’t work well together. You have to motivate other members of your team, in the same way that they should motivate you. Teamwork makes the dream work. Olympians know that and you should too.



If at first you don’t succeed… Every athlete at the Olympics will have had a bad day at training, a gymnast who took a fall, a pole-vaulter who missed the bar or a runner whose legs just weren’t having it. Yet they are all still there at the Olympics: ready to compete. They’ve picked themselves up after their failures and kept going – and they’ve achieved something amazing. We might not all be Olympians but we can have Olympian determination in our everyday lives to keep going even when we might not feel like it or it seems impossible to complete the task at hand. We can all remember that tomorrow is a new day, and that we can come back and try again.



For some sports it is not just about what you do, but also how you do it. Gymnastics, diving and dressage all are judged upon the presentation of their routine. They have to make sure that each part is executed to exacting standards and looks fabulous. The details matter – a slight wobble and points will be deducted. In the workplace, we should also strive for perfection. Remember that the way we present things matters – to colleagues or clients – it is not just the content. At Big Cat, we are all about producing work that is not only great content, but also looks the best it can. Just like those gymnastic routines.



Obviously not everyone wins a medal – and some people miss that medal by a quarter of an inch or a fraction of a second. But what you notice is that Olympians are graceful in defeat – and they always respect the competition. We must remember this at work too – no one likes a sore loser. We must respect when we have missed the mark but remember that we are also determined and ready to try again the next time.


These are all qualities we are looking for in a new PR manager – if you think you could be a Big Cat Olympian, send your CV to c.galloway@bcguk.com

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