Since 2006, Big Cat have been working closely with YMCA Birmingham in order to support the charitable work they do for young people across the city.

YMCA Birmingham is a pioneer in changing and bettering the lives of 16-25 year olds, offering affordable housing, childcare and round the clock care for its residents, and the team here at Big Cat are truly proud to be able to work alongside such an inspirational and life-changing organisation for nearly a decade now.

Over the years, YMCA Birmingham has redeveloped its key messaging, and most recently, revamped their entire brand with the introduction of a new corporate identity. Big Cat has tailored the PR offering in order to cater to these changes, as well as provided additional website support in order to launch the re-brand.



From very humble beginnings in the City of London in 1844, YMCA has now grown to become a worldwide organisation with 45 million members.

YMCA was founded by George Williams – a worker in the drapery trade in London. Concerned about the welfare of his fellow workers, he started a prayer and bible study group. This soon grew and attracted men from across London.

Since it was established, YMCA has adapted to the changing needs of young people. Today it works with young men and women regardless of race, religion or culture. In every corner of the world, YMCA is helping young people to build a future.

YMCA Birmingham and Big Cat

YMCA Birmingham has been a client of Big Cat’s for 9 years now, specifically our PR offering and most recently, a new website design.  Our first project was a PR campaign in late 2006 to raise the profile of the organisation and educate their stakeholders on their services and successes in the city. Today, we are more proactive than ever in the work we do for YMCA Birmingham.

Our MD, Anthony Tattum, says:

“I remember the first ever PR campaign we did for YMCA Birmingham back in 2006, and since forging that initial working relationship with them, we’ve never looked back. We have since gone on to support their exciting property portfolio expansion and the range of services they offer to the local community.

We love working with YMCA Birmingham because they are committed at their core to help young people of the city regardless of faith, race, ability or gender. Many young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and have faced difficulties and problems but the team at YMCA Birmingham are successful time and again at getting them back on their feet and back to being an active member of society.

Alan the CEO has a clear and compelling vision for the organisation which he has delivered on and shepherded them through some tricky periods. He understands the value of strong and consistent communications to the YMCA brand which, combined with his infectious humour, makes him a real pleasure to work with.”

Since then, the YMCA has undergone a national rebrand, completely revamping their entire corporate identity designed to appeal to young people and to communicate their key messaging more effectively and on a national scale.



new branding 2


YMCA Birmingham doesn’t aim to make large profits. Their aspiration is simply to be an inspirational presence in the lives of the people who seek out their help.

Big Cat has gone on to support YMCA Birmingham in effectively communicating the services they provide to young people across the city. They provide:

  • Over 200 units of accommodation to people who have been homeless, offering round the clock care and support from a dedicated team of Service User Involvement Officers
  • Provide affordable childcare from three nurseries, giving children the very best possible start in life
  • Run out-of-school clubs, and holiday playschemes
  • Offer community facilities for hire.
  • Offer comprehensive Training Packages which are accredited by the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH)

PR Services

YMCA Birmingham has a dedicated PR team here at Big Cat. Tamara Milne De Souza, Senior Account Manager, and Rebecca Homer, Senior Account Executive, who work daily managing the press office, writing press releases, as well as coming up with creative campaigns in order to promote key messaging.

In line with the recent rebrand, the PR team have worked alongside YMCA Birmingham CEO, Alan Fraser, in order to develop their PR strategy, also recently introducing a social media strategy in order to better communicate with young people in Birmingham.

“YMCA Birmingham is a client that we hold extremely close to our hearts. Sharing the same core morals and values, we are devoted to working exceptionally hard in order to shout about the inspirational and life-changing work that YMCA Birmingham do for young people across the city every day.” – Rebecca Homer, Senior Account Executive.

Here is some recent coverage which the PR team has secured:


Website Development

To further support the rebrand, YMCA Birmingham enlisted the support of Big Cat’s design team, and work is currently underway to develop a brand new website for the charity.

ymca website

Testimonial from Alan Fraser, CEO of YMCA Birmingham:

“We’ve worked with Big Cat for nearly a decade and in that time they’ve become valued business partners.  They’ve held our hand and lead us through the minefield of Press and PR to help us increase both the focus and the reach of our key messages.  They’ve taken the time to understand who we are, what we do, and what’s important to us.  And they’ve helped us cope with changes in technology such as the advance of social media.

We’ve worked with Anthony for a long time, but he’s never forgotten us or taken us for granted.  He’s made sure that any issues are dealt with and that we’re happy with the service.  As a charity, we always have to justify every penny of our spending, so our trustees have been particularly pleased with the information we now given showing the financial value of the coverage that we have received.  It reassures them that Big Cat understand that ultimately our concern is for the promotion of our charity and its work.”

Big Cat are thrilled to have such an effective and long-lasting relationship with YMCA, and look forward to working closely with the YMCA team on future projects!

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