Event Management

Big Cat Group's events divison The Fair delivered the event management for International Referral's 2-day international networking conference for over 200 delegates.


• Orchestrate a two day conference that catered for over 200 global business professionals.
• Use delegate management to bring people together to share knowledge, research, new ideas and innovations across the legal, finance and accountancy sectors.
• To maximise networking potential across the different sectors.
• To assist attendees in digitally exploring the benefits of social media.


Event delivered by The Fair.

• Coordinated the logistics at the unique London Film Museum venue, which provided guests with views of the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye.
• Sourced evening entertainment venues and hotels for all of the guests, as well as organised a complimentary drinks reception on arrival.
• Supplied iPads and various applications to all delegates to encourage a fully integrated experience and interaction with the speakers’ content.


• Event managed a successful technology-led business networking and content sharing conference for more than 200 business professionals.
• 98% of attendees fed back that they were more than satisfied with the event and what it achieved.
• 68% of people commented that after the event they have been more encouraged to engage with social media and enjoyed using a variety of audio and visual technology at the event.
• Created the opportunity for high quality networking and elite, international relationship building at an iconic venue.