Design & Animation

Big Cat was briefed to create a promotional video/animation for Transport for West Midlands’ Swift PAYG (Pay As You Go), implementing their new brand identity.

Transport for West Midlands (part of the West Midlands Combined Authority) is responsible for the delivery of public transport in the West Midlands. Their aim is to create a world-class public transport network delivered by a best in class organisation


To support the recent refresh of the Swift brand, WMCA implemented a campaign to promote Swift PAYG (Pay As You Go) using their new brand identity. WMCA required an accompanying promotional video or animation to support the Swift PAYG campaign, which would be used for YouTube advertising, digital screens and WMCA’s organic Facebook feed.

The key objectives of the video were:

To raise awareness of Swift Pay As You Go by achieving a 10% view rate on a paid YouTube campaign between 20 March and 29 April

To contribute to an increase of 15% in web traffic to between 20 March and 29 April

To support the increase of Pay As You Go cards in circulation from c.35,000 to 130,000 by 31 March 2018


Production of a 30 second animation, focusing on the three key messages of Swift:
Cheaper fares

No more change

Click and collect 24/7

Each of the key messages were supported by an original illustration, each of which were designed to align with the rest of the promotional campaign.

As the video’s primary use was for social media and YouTube advertising, the structure of the video was developed to maximise the ‘thumb-stopping’ effect (users pausing on the video when scrolling through social feeds) and minimise skipping, prior to YouTube videos.

The final still of the video presented the key call-to-action, directing viewers to to acquire a card.


The campaign has just gone live, so we’re eagerly awaiting initial results.

So far though, we’ve received positive feedback from the client focussed on our ability to provide a cost effective solution, within a tight deadline. The result was a versatile animation, able to be adopted for informative, promotional, OOH advertising and social media purposes. The creation of the animation also provided a suite of illustrations that are able to be used across Swift materials, bolstering the new identity.