SEO Audit

Forresters SEO audit provides tools to improve their online presence


• To deliver an informative and insightful SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) audit for the Forresters website.
• To educate and influence the improvement of Forresters’ online presence and website optimisation through training.
• To provide the team at Forresters with the tools and confidence they need to implement recommendations within their wider digital strategy.


• Delivered tailored SEO reports and training to improve the digital efficiency of the business.
• Analysis and recommendations based on their current online presence including technical html, content,
• Improved online visibility through gaining a better understanding of SEO.


• Big Cat marketing trained members of the Forresters team to build their business through digital; giving them the tools and confidence to implement an optimisation strategy.
• The Forresters team now has a clearer understanding of Google Analytics and how to evaluate their on-site website improvements.
• Big Cat provided Forresters with insight and guidance on their website optimisation as well as tools to use when feeding back results and recommendations to higher management.


"I recently approached Big Cat Group for guidance on how to make the best use of our website. Their knowledge with regards to SEO best practices as well as optimisation strategy and management of SEO was invaluable and I can't thank them enough for their time and assistance. I now anticipate huge traffic increases to our website".
Kirsty Gallagher; Marketing Executive, Forresters