Grand Central Makes Me Happy

Earlier this year, Big Cat was hired for a third year to work with Grand Central and develop a number of compelling and strategic PR campaigns that would hook the public and cement Grand Central as the premium shopping destination to meet with family, friends and colleagues.

Grand Central Makes Me Happy


Meeting up with someone is linked to a feeling of happiness – whether for a coffee catch-up with a colleague, a birthday celebration with friends, a bit of mother and daughter retail therapy on a Saturday afternoon or a couples date night – whatever the reason, when we meet up with someone it evokes a feeling of joy and knowing good things happen when we meet.

As the central hub for Birmingham, and the host of many meet ups, Grand Central are on a mission to find out what else makes Birmingham happy….


To kick start the program of activity, our PR guys developed the #FeelingHappy campaign, engaging two of Birmingham’s biggest influencers to support Grand Central in finding out what makes people, living in and around the city, feel happy.

Working closely with our sister agency, HTF, and with the encouragement of Style Birmingham’s Editor, Andrew Riley and Rosalilium Founder, Elizabeth Sellers we successfully turned one rainy day in Birmingham into a hub of happiness!


- Driving brand awareness the campaign garnered 32 pieces of online coverage spanning the region.
- The campaign resulted in us positively driving new audiences with almost 400 new followers on social over a one month period
- Over 1,400 unique visitors to Grand Central’s online content platform, The Brief
- Successfully drove engagement with the brand with more than 16,000 video views on YouTube and the #FeelingHappy blog received saw an average session time of 4mins 7 secs.
- More than 3,300 people engaged in #FeelingHappy posts on both Twitter and Facebook social channels
- An increase of 19.7% in views to The Brief compared to previous months