PR & Social Media

PRCA Dare Award Winning, 15,000 audience members, 150 dancers, Four Nights, One Voyage


• Engage with local community.
members, sourcing their stories and heritage to feed into The Voyage.
• Raise awareness and drive footfall to the event.
• Work alongside Hippodrome PR & marketing team to deliver PR and social campaign.


• Integrated PR and social media campaign.
• Organise launch event in February for key stakeholders and press.
• Partnerships formed with the BBC who are backing project.
• Press interviews and features with the creative team and artists about The Voyage.


Big Cat was awarded a 2013 PRCA Dare award for this event in the Live, Launched and Loud category.
• National broadcast on the following channels – BBC, ITV News at 10, Sky News and Channel 4 News.
• Print press coverage in the Independent, The Guardian and Stylist Magazine.
• Numerous interviews and coverage on BBC Midlands Today, Radio WM and a wide selection of regional newspapers and blogs.
• Over 1,000 Facebook fans during the pre-event activity and over 700 photos shared during the event on social networks.