Education Creative Design

Creation of look and feel for further education prospectus


• Create the further education prospectus for the next academic year
• Produce a range of supporting marketing materials used to promote the establishment to prospective students both nationally and internationally
• Redesign the international brochure providing a range of information for students interesting in attending the college from outside the UK


• Created a visually engaging document incorporating a range of icons that would represent each of the courses available at the college to make the information more appealing and allow them to navigate through the prospectus with ease.
• Incorporating the style of the new prospectus using colourful symbolic icons, pop up banners were created to advertise various information about the establishment
• The international brochure was designed to be visually appealing with a simple layout to make the information more legible for international students


• A creative document which effectively engages with prospective student, allowing readers to navigate through prospectus with ease
• Produced a range of eye-catching banners which have been used to advertise what the establishment has to offer
• A creative layout of important information for international students